Yorkshire racing..in April

I had a great day on Easter Saturday up in my favourite place..Yorkshire. A local MTB triathlon to whet my appetite for the oncoming season.

A cold drizzly day turned out nice in the end. The small and friendly contigency of triathletes were all preparing early for the race in the beautiful setting of Ampleforth Abbey. Gorgeous scenery and gorgeous people. My lovely  mum came along to support her first off road triathlon experience. She came gleefully up to me after disappearing to watch the first wave of the pool swim and said ‘well I can tell you you’re the fastest swimmer here!!!’ I had to put her right  by informing her the slowest times go first. Bless. 

I was in the last wave and 500m later I ran out into transition to put all my winter warmers on: Gloves, socks, hat, top etc , well I didn’t want to be cold did I?? So as everyone passed me in transition I wasn’t worried cos I wos WARM. The immediate downhill was abrupt and very rocky descent and that’s were all the spectators were hoping to catch some tumbles I bet… It was a short trip of  8.5 miles (wow hadnt done a short race like that for a while) then back into transition , I then took everything off as I was now HOT. (Cant win) Took my time again, no rush. Then downhill on the run followed by some quick steps to the fi–ni–no there was a HUGE hill in the way of me and the finish line !!! lactic acid hell on the quads. photo-ampleforth-tri-april-2009

So managed to get to the end in 2nd place. Good race and so nice to do it in my home County. Next race is Volcano in Lanzarote. Should be hot hot hot. It’ll be interesting to see how I have developed since last year where I came in 7th overall.