Mad March

March has been a mixture of mad spurts of hard core training together with hard core night shoots playing with Triffids!

I was doubling the lovely Joely Richardson on ‘The day of The Triffids’ a remake of the BBC series but with more action…BUT I was so sad and shocked about her sister dying the way she did it really made me sit up and think of my stunt career and my craziness on my bike on those 42mph downhills!! I was very upset about her and needed time to think things through. All my wishes go to her family at this horrible time.

Thought to self -I must be more careful..then  it came to my MTB ‘ing weekend with the girlz in Wales, and all the sAftey issues was forgotten , it was sunny and mild but fresh for four days solid and we loved every minute of the trails. I got straight into the groove as I hadnt been on my mtb since Maui. It all seemed to click into place …ie; no falling or breaking any bones…result.

I felt much  stronger on the hills,  2 weeks previous I had been on the ‘Driven to TRi’ boot camp erm I mean BIG weekender of wall to wall triathlon training. I clocked up 12 hours:  1 hour xswim 2 hours off road run, 5 1/2 bike on rolling terrain , and that was just the first day. By day 2 everthing slipped into place and I was flying around the 2 1/2 hour circuit on ther bike. It seems that my body adapts quickly to intense training such as we did. We ended up with a pool swim with some fast sets for another hour. FUN. 

Can’t wait to get my teeth into some more hard training in Lanzarote …Roll on April.