6th In Saipan XTERRA race-Tsunami in the mix

The unexpected always takes place in XTERRA races nor more than on Saturday when we had been given the all clear from the Tsunami warning the previous night. ( That was a story in itself as we were stuck on the 7th floor r of our hotel )BUT as we swam the 1500 m the tide changed and changed again pulling us the opposite directions..One minute there was water the next only a few inches..yes the Tsunami hit us as a rebound from the neighbouring islands and resulted in a washing machine swim!

This made the tough swim even tougher as all 70 athletes battled to swim towards the exit ,being pushed farther and farther away then having to walk and skip thro the water to get back. I followed Carina out and she was in front of me and the next disappeared and gone! She popped up in front again  and carried walking thro the water – it was very comical.

The rain was on us again in the morning but no one complained as the was dark morning when we set up at 530 am that morning. It was still warm.

I was again between two fab racers in transition sandwiched between Shonny and Renata what a place to be! My swim seemed somewhat slow as I battled with the elements and came out 1 minute down from my usual time..

Hopping onto my bike from what was to be a long slippery and hard bike section the rain kept the course technical and soon my gears packed up too so no bottom gears to get up the long drag hills. The sections that was new long cut down with but stones and wet and soon I took a tumble over the handlebars by a tree root. MY sunglases came clean off my helmet and no where to be seen,,,Darn Oakley s are expensive..


Most of the dry had turned into sticky mud that clogged up the tyres and have no traction, washed out at every rotation, walking was the only option, the bike seemed to take forever  I had ro muster all my strength to keep the momentum.

I was relieved to see the run afer 2 hours and some tumbles, I was totally disorientated went to the wrong side of the transitiona area to find my shoes… the run  was a long flat road  for a bout 2 km then into the JUNGLE and upwards. I found it much harder than last year due to the  longer bike section. Thank god for the cloud cover and some rain to cool us. I felt myself having to walk a lot tof the hills which is unlike me, but as soon s the WW2 cave section (FUN) and rocky ravine came  I could take a breather as you can only walk and climb over rocks, love that!

Then came the easy bit -fire road and beach run  for 2 km…

That was that  and I came in 6th.= Prize money so all good.:))Then came the party had some energy left to have a good ole dance….


Some good R and R needed and onwards to the Tagaman race on Saturday,( middle distance road race) I secured a super fast road bike from The lovely Romeo who owns PRO BIKE in Saipan and some more sunnies too he is my true HERO!!!