4TH Place in XTERRA Philippines.

Wel just back from and exceptional day of racing in the heat and beating sun.


What a venue this is! The philippino’s are a warm and cheerful people and put on an amazing race.

The pre -race dinner was exceptional too with the Governess of Cebu honouring us all. We were treated like  Royalty from begining to end. It has been a blast here and so much hospitality- nothing is too much trouble for them .

The race was hard as it was so darn hot . My swim went well, went out quickly and stayed with Sam Gardner for a wee while but lost him with the first pack as I had to recover from too fast a start!!

I felt someone tickiling my feet by lap 2 of the 1500 meter swim in the warm clear sea in Cebu. It was Shonny again as she did in the race before in Saipan and Guam. Upon the exit we had to be helped from  the water on to high floating platform, the man who was helping me grabbed my hand but I could only  get a purchase with my leg to help to hoist me up and he flipped full somersault over my head and fell in fully clothed!! I wondered if he could swim ?.


Out of trsnsition I planned the first loop of 18 or so km as a build but my heart rate was sky high due to the heat and some sharp hills. By the time I had got to the first few km Shonny passed me and I stayed on her wheel for a short whie but she edged away.

I found the bike course wasn’t too technical  for some reason I pushed myself. Te end of lap one and I was 3 mins down on Carina and 6 mins down on the leader. The locals  lining the street as everyone was out and the school kids were chanting and singing with all there might it was amazing experience and really made you feel special.

The run began on the flat and moved a few km up hill  it was the searing heat that got too me and I slowed right down, At the end of the run was a great water crossing that was a welcome relief

I was beat when I crossed the  finish line and I went straight to a massage tent which was bliss!

All in all a good day – no mechnicals and no falls! Thanks to my shiny new  Cannondale Scalpel  2

Came 4th and $800 of prize money. Excellent. Roll on Saipan  next Saturday. Tougher field tho!