Xterra Guam

14127_378910195727_581395727_4272409_6015720_sFinally now I have the time to write about my last race in Guam, (tho I have another in a few hours in Portugal.)

The race was at a reasonable time 7.30am  and the sun was out. I was really ready for this race. The bike leg was not really what I would call easy, challenging and it had been raining so making it very sticky and muddy. I pre rode the course with Sam, Emma & Shonny a few days previous but struggled and fell badly on a descent which took my right elbow out. (The very same one that I always land on)

I also recc’ed the run waterfall section. For a photo shoot with the wonderful Rich Cruz.

I was set to go and the swim started well two laps of course. I was slower than usual for some reason a slight blip at the begiing as I went anaerobic for too long. I stepped it up a little for the last section, came out just afer Renata again.

I jumped on the bike and tagged along on someones wheel for the best part of the 2 km road section then a climb up to the dirt, I was taken over by Shonny about 10 mins into the climb and she said to jump on her wheel, which I duely did – for that long !25136_1403102520219_1312042681_1120505_49922_s2

I hit the dirt which was red and sticky and slowed right down , I def need some more tech skills in that dept>Emma caught me about 15 mins in. I didnt see her again til the end.

This time I never came off but had struggled with not being able to clip in due tho the mud and the traction ion my tyres left the bike skidding out of control in most of the sections. I was in a bad way. The road section were a light relief as the mud despersed slighlty. Then 2 guys took over  about 11/2 into it. The markings were a little vague in places and I was lost a couple of times. A little frustrayting. The last road section was also confused as I was flagged the opp direction so travelled 3 miles the wrong way!!

I go into transition with Jim  ( timer guy) asking if I needed anything and he gave  me water, I was fuming from the wrong directions still… But carried on on the run section. I felt good overtaking a couiple of guys who must have slipped passed me when I took the wrong turn so i was back in the =same postion.

14127_378910325727_581395727_4272418_859198_nThe wterfall section was great fun and I slid down without any probs, then a  splash into the river,  the better idea was to swim it a sit  was so deep. FUN. I hit my klnee at one stage and had to take a minute to recover-sometimes you just dont know if you are badly hurt or not., Just push on, The jungle was reminscent of  GI’s wading waist deep with their guns above their heads .. I imagined it must have been terrifying to be a young soldier then.

The course was amazing, sections you thought that it could not get any worse thro rocky natural assault course jungles.

I finally emerged thro a dirt track ( beg to wish I had pre run this bit) and got lost again as the signs sometimes did not exists!

I then got to the road where we started off and was running so hard along the to make up time that I completely missed a sneaky right turn to the beach to the fiinish and had to double back again,..NOTE TO MYSELF PRE -RIDE RUN  COURSE DAZ.

The last section was actulayy wading thro the ewtare waist deep again. The best part of this was it was so cool and a break from the heta and humity.

I finished 5 th pro women and 9 th overall.

 Think I have unfinished business there, lets hope Eric  the race organizer, can give me the chance to redeem myself nexytyear.  BRING IT ON @)!!14127_379158565727_581395727_4278283_3478186_s