Portugal Xterra ( 4 races in 4 weeks)

Well a little late in the day but need to do this race report…..

0003a9be23320fI got back from Guam late into Heathrow a lovely smooth journey was had, decided as I couldn’t sleep  I would go for an early morning run at 6 am, it was a lovely day in London but bitterly cold, right there and then I decided that i would join  my fellow Xterra athletes and jump next plane to Portugal for yet another race, 4 races in 4 weeks I was on a roll…

So after much searching for a ticket Ryan air ( Grrr) charged me £280 one way and £240 for the bike ( I was over weight by 8 Kg) Thanks Ryan air!! I will never use you again. And easy jet on the resturn set me back £600 in all. OUCH that is just to race for a day.I was KEEN.

The race was a cold swim in the river ( 14 degrees ) so wet suits were essemtial.

And the bike was two loops of a not so technical  bike course. The run was along the sandy beach and the Town.

The swim was great came out in 23 mins  with Corina and around 3 rd overall. Then the bike was tarmac for a mile until the dirt and  the technical parted about 6 miles in I was overtaken, by Renata, then Carina, then 2 others. I slipped to 7th position by the second lap and holding on by my teeth. Then came the run and I tried to male up some time but the girls were that much faster. I came in 8th and crossed the line in silence something that I was not used to in the Usa they make sucha fuss. It was like tumble weed. I was immediatley approcahed by an officlal who got me to  sign a form and practically marched me to the town hall to have a drugs teat, my very first . I was in there for 2 hours with just water and someone watching my every move. Strange to pee in front of someone even tho it was a Doc.

Glad I went in the end but my bank balance doesn’t agree.

Next step is Las Vegas…

The run was