3 weeks and 5 days.


It’s been this long since my shoulder operation. And boy does it seem like that. I am still in a sling and can’t swim bike or run..or do any work. ( tho maybe some sneaky turbo’s  oh and a quick one arm swim in Hampstead ponds…nice;))

My last race being Guam at the end of March ,  not really knowing if I had actually broken anything but instinctively was thinking I had, Guam  incidently wasn’t really on the schedule, I was orginally coming home after XTERRA Saipan as I had a commercial to shoot. That fell through whilst out there so hence the change of  plan. If only…but one can’t think that way. It happened and that is something I have to deal with.

I can only just think positvely and get on with my life as is. The metaphorical carrot is always in front of me  tho as if lurking in the dim light ready to trip me up, a tempatation to do more…stunt work is of course out of the question even tho it has been hard to turn the work down especially if the stunt is a meaty one..and the Cross World Champs in Spain last weekend which was my ‘ A ‘ race and goal for the year. Instead I did friends, family and touristy things.

I have to say as I got into it, it was fun. Seeing my friends for longer than a quick coffee or swift bite between jobs and or training/ work . Actually spending an afternoon or a day with them was a luxury I seldom could afford. My family was another great time -spending, as was travelling by london buses and meeting my lovely neighbours and having a real good chat. They often see me whizzing here and there on my bike, barley time for a hello let alone a long chin wag.

I think all in all it has been a good soul searching and mentally stabilising time , upon reflection, take a grip on what and who I am and what i want . In short time to think.

I was lucky to have a three week sunshine- summer in London so got to do do some amazing things. Travelling to the LOndon Marathon , the Wedding , Highgate cemetery, York by train instead of driving..all had the ups as it was an experience I hadn’t had for a while. everything seemed in slow motion rather than at  70 mph. I felt someone had taken my time dial and turned it from TOP SPEED  to GO SLOW. Good, as I needed the time to breathe and take in what was around me, something I never do.

A sobering (actually literally yes ..no alcohol for  a month) thought

I think every athlete must have to go through . Oh yeah I guess they already have….

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