DURRRTY Triathlon at St Mary’s loch. Bonny Scotland.

NOW I am back home in Yorkshire after an eventful few days in Scotland ‘living my dream’.

On Thursday I arrived in Kelso village in a quant  and ‘since time forgot’ hotel called the Ednam House hotel. What a great place, really like stepping back 100 years . Amazing. I started my Scottish trip via Yorkshire and had a days filming a scene for the British movie ‘The Awakening’-. Set in 1921, the day went smoothly doubling the actress Rebecca Hall, which I’ve been for a few weeks, this was a straight forward stunt falling backwards over trip wires and a few pyros.

The next day I started with a run and a traditional scottish breakfast . Lovely. And onto the drive to the race venue which was only 30 minutes away. It was sunny but cool when I left  as I negotiated the winding roads the rain set in and the tempertrture plummited, well it was the borders,  in the mountains. Beautiful countryside and I was exccited. I encountered one tractor and one Pheasant on the way

Once there I had only a couple of hours to set up and get ready for the race but was not worried , I was going to enjoy this. The  t.v camersa were rolling and  the interview done for the Adventure show on the BBC,  I was pulling on my wetsuit ready for the cold 15 degree swim in the loch.

My bike was set to go and after a couple of laps on the swim I climbed on the bike and was off on the hilly start. Then a tricky descent and boggy terrain which of course I managed  but only to come over the handlebars having stuck  a rivvet in the bog. BUT a soft landing to make a change.. The camaraderie was great from fellow athletes and the stewards  so cherrful in such adverse weather  conditions. It goes to show we BRITs are a hardy lot!  Cold and rain aint gonna deter us from enjoying an event.

I was soon rounding off the second lap which was surprisingly short as I was so used to long and technical Xterras. The transition area was so roomy I had loads of space to pull on my trail shoes for the run, then it was the BIG LONG hill. It semed to go for ever. With a camers in  my face asking  how I felt? My reply ‘Well tired right now but loving it all the same.’

After about 5 km of hill we then had a nice off road & boggy technical section.

I finished strong and came in third. Podium.:))

I had a big smile on my face as I really enjoyed  the event with such amazing people and countyside, with somewhere to race at home.

hog-roast-durty-tri1The hog roast was next and medal ceremony where we were given both the BTF medal as the  National British Cross Triathlon race. AND the Durty TRi awards too.