So it’s been a while since my last update and news on the recovery of my operation on my shoulder. (two major muscles sewn back and bone screwed together)

Seems that it’s been pretty succesful thus far.. Back to work, back to doing tricky and  dangerous stunts and back to..no not  full time training  yet but soon..

I’ve  had a good few months enjoying the summer in London not having to fly all over the world- although it was fun..:)).September sees my return to Strength and Conditioning training  with my lovely massage thearpist/physio and mender of broken limbs.. Bruce Butler. Hoping  to do  three sessions in the gym a week , should make me stronger, then the plan is to get back into full time training in Ocotber with a stint at the wonderful Club Las Santa in Lanzorate to get the body back into shape.

I must say it took a wee while get used to the lack of excersise -then I discovered the London bus and various lovely restaurants and fabulous bars in the evening.. had some summer fun out there.. but now its getting to that point where I have to start to get things  back to ‘normal’ ..swim, work, bike, work , run, work..and then EAT  for three people..:))

Don’t get me wrong -I’ve  certainly kept my fitness  up with my spinning classes, love em!  Especially the 1.5 hour on a Saturday – I make it real tough!

I am up to two spins a day and a swim, tho the swim was only technique to strengthen my arm. And running…well lets say that got left behind a bit, managed  some treadmill runs twice a week. All in good time.:) The rest I had for three months previously was really lovely and my body felt full of energy everyday so just doing my work  was seemingly a doddle without my few hours of training as well.

As soon as I could i had a flurry of good stunt work that involved a dive through an 18″ square glass window , jerk back for ‘Casualty’ and girly fight sequence complete with being set upon by a chav in a turquise shell suit in ‘BOUND’.. all in all came out with a few bruises and pulled muscles but THE ARM HELD up to it.:)

AND I had a chance to wear yet another silly wig on  set: with my fellow stunt girl Therese Chavez on Casualty for the BBC

I have 90% motion now and all is needed is some strength work and I’ll BE BACK racing .next season.watch this space….:)))

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