Xterra France- Tough race/Tough athletes.

I had a good race.


Well it is unusual in so far as I was not totally in the ZONE before the race at all. In fact it was a push to actually get to the race and not DNS. My heart and soul was just not in it. However I managed to get through the long morning until race start  at 2pm.

I prepared for the race as usual with an early morning run and stretch, it was hot in XONRUPT, NE France,  it had been around 37 degrees the previous day. BUT race day was a little cooler at around 32 degrees.

My music definitely helped to motivate me, it fires me up before the race. Soon it was time to pit the wetsuit on ( it was optional) but most were wearing them. The French rules were if a swim skin was used it must stay on for the duration of the race. That is why no one was wearing one…..

I decided that there was going to be too much of a scramble to the front of the swim, it was a beach start so I stayed out of trouble at the back of the pack, when the gun went off I ambled in and took it steady, This seemed to work as I overtook and felt more in control of the race, rather than being mowed down by the eager beavers. However I did a pretty slow swim in the end 27mins instead of 23/24mins.


The swim seemed long as it wasn’t the usual 2 laps with a run between, but I felt strong. Renata and I again were out together. Had a liitle chat to her in transition, and she was off, it was nice to see Emma Smith out with me on the bike from transition, her swimming is getting better too:)

Out on the bike course it was hills and more hills, so I just dug in and did my best not go too much into the red. It was going to be a long day at the office.

daz-bike-france12 laps of a gruelling course, more climbing than Maui I think it was over 3000 ft of climbing. But 2ce thro!!! On my first lap half way up the hill I was just plodding on and I suddeny was woken up by JiM McConnel ‘s voice behind me “Daz its no good sitting on her wheel come on lets push it GO GO!!’ I realised I was just sitting on a French girls wheel up the hill for much of the climb.. So that gave me an injection of energy and I went. I passed a couple of girls, but lost a place on the technical descents. Falling being my speciality so far on each race.

The second lap seemed easier as I was now warmed up. I had the full suss on and it helped on the desending on the loose rocky stuff. I couldnt believe I was staying upright all the way down..

daz-xterra-france-2010-bkeNutritionally my 2 gels were maybe not enough. I didnt have a camel back and my bottle was empty, luckily there wrere plenty of bottles to choose from the 2 water feeds.

At the end of the first lap was a smallish ramp for a jump and the first time I was fine but the second time I was eager to get to transition and adrenalin kicking in I charged the ramp and flew up in the air and landed in a judo roll with the bike flying too, I managed to climb back on , put the chain on and go. It was seemless. I think the crowd thought it was all planned..

The run seemed ok, I was half expecting my legs to feel like jelly but didn’t, I actually felt strong, and it seemed I was overtaking quite a few on their second lap. It came to the first hill and a couple of banks to crawl up and then I saw it..carnage-there were people cramping, walking stretching all in agaony. I felt it was unfair that I felt ok. I began to see  a couple of girls in front so I managed to catch them I stayed with a French girl for a while but i couldnt stay with her on the road section.

It was a good race, hard but I was surprised how I got through it without too much suffering. Something is working.:))

daz-finish-shoot-france-2010I came in 7th Pro in the end and was pleased with the result. Getting back on that horse really did help after the bad crash in Italy.

Once again many thanks go to my sponsors: Bike and Run, Craft, Suunto, Shock absorber, Snugg wetsuits and Bike box alan without which my life as a Triathlete would be much tougher!



Bring on DURTY TRiathlon in Bonny Scotland!! (I will be filming the day before in that area- so great timing.)